The John Walter Band, the community concert band of Cape May County, supports
the local community with its unique Play-It-Again program.  Throughout the year the
band collects and refurbishes gently used instruments and redistributes these at no
charge to local schools with music programs or directly to students who otherwise
would be deprived of the opportunity to appreciate a musical instrument.  Since the
program’s inception in 2016, the band has donated instruments to a variety of
elementary schools in Cape May County that have a great need for these instruments.

If you would like to participate and have a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument
that is no longer in use, call or email Bill Winter (609-846-1209, Billwwc@comcast.
net).  Someone from the band will arrange to pick-up your donation and see that it is
placed back in service.

Cash donations to help offset repair costs are also appreciated, and they are tax
deductible.  Each instrument provides another student an opportunity to learn a
musical instrument that they otherwise would not be able to.

Since 2019, we have donated refurbished instruments to Dennisville School District,
Wildwood High School, Crest Memorial Elementary School, Margaret Mace
Elementary School, and deserving students from other areas.  
Check out the happy
students and teachers!
Play It Again