The John Walter Family - An Acknowledgement

The family of John Walter has been a source of continuing support to the
John Walter Cape Community Band, both financially and physically, as
well as morally and emotionally.

We are fortunate to have had John Walter's daughters, Susanne Callinan
and Kathleen Dougherty, and his sons John, Jr. and Thomas, as well as
his grandchildren, always by our side, in spirit and physically, as we
continue in his footsteps, with the community band that he envisioned,
but only came so very close to performing with at a concert.

His was a dedication to music for enjoyment.  He felt that an all-
volunteer community band should provide a source of fun for its
players, and we continue to be committed to that ideal.

We believe that Mr. Walter would have been very pleased to see how the
band has grown and progressed, and we are sure that he would be
equally pleased in what its present director has accomplished with
these volunteers.

We wish to acknowledge and to thank the family for all of its ongoing
and continuous support.  

    The Board, Officers, Director, and Members of the John
    Walter Cape Community Band
John H. Walter, Founder
John Walter Cape Community Band
The Community Concert Band of Cape May County, New Jersey