Dominic Scalfaro

A long-time educator and graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Dominic is an accomplished trumpet player having performed professionally in Casinos, as well as Jazz bands, Big Bands, orchestras and Wind Ensembles.    Dom has been a groundbreaker in many prominent music organizations and is widely recognized for his creative interpretation of complex and challenging arrangements.   His passion and style is reflected in the enthusiastic reception by audiences and the confidence of the performers he leads from the podium.   

Director Emeritus

The John Walter Band is honored to have had one of the most talented musicians on the East Coast as our director from September 2007 through June 2014.  Richard P. Ludwig, affectionately known as “Dutch” to his friends, has had a long and varied successful career as an educator, a band director, a professional trumpeter, a theater manager, as well as a continuing position as a Professional Music Adjudicator for the National Judges Association, a position that he held for over thirty years.  For his outstanding leadership during his tenure, band members awarded him the title of Director Emeritus and Life Member.

Board of Directors
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Vice President:John Finiello215-630-9414
Treasurer:Evan Weatherby, Jr.609-231-5594
Business Manager:Dave Conway703-362-6812
Public Relations:Pete Muracco856-297-5670
Director:Jim Doran609-972-3552
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Director:Larry Martino609-886-2048
Director:David Russo570-807-2933
Director:Jocelyn Shillingford609-886-0598